cinematic indie - Crowander
from the bass - Crowander
darko - Crowander
electronic guitar experiments - Crowander
cinematic widescreen - Crowander
acoustic miniband - Crowander
sweet and joyful - Crowander
cinematic minimals - Crowander
from the piano - Crowander

Licensing options

If you wish to try out how the preferable tune would fit to your video, you can download it from my SoundCloud page.

Please check out the licensing options below before using my music

Personal usage - Free 

You can use my music in your video for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licensing  terms (if it's not commercial so you don't make money from the end product, if there is no budget for the creation of the video or compensation to contributors).

Please credit me like this:

"Music by Crowander ("

- Permitted Usage: Personal project, home video, amateur wedding  video, graduation video, family vacation video, etc. 

- Non permitted usage: Youtube monetization, commercial  distribution, event promotion, product promotion etc.

- Single Use
- Perpetual       


Social Media license - 49$

-Permitted Usage: Online advertising, monetizing videos, YouTube videos, Facebook  videos, corporate videos, product presentation, podcasts,  crowdfunding on any video platform Single or Multiple Use
- Single or Multiple (add on) Use
- Perpetual


Indie film/small production - 99$

-Permitted Use: In a short or feature film without studio  backing, monetized on Youtube or self- released to VOD streaming platforms, film festivals and physical reproduction of up-to 1000 DVDs
- Non-Permitted Use: Sold to a distributor or studio for theatrical, or broadcast.
- Single Use
- Perpetual           


Broadcast film/tv/radio - on a case by case basis, please ask for quote

- Unlimited viewing in movies and TV

- Broadcast TV, VOD, DVD/Blu-Ray, & Internet Video (Stream & Permanent Download) Sync License.
- Single Use
- Term: In perpetuity
- Territory: Worldwide

I always give a discount if someone licenses more than two tracks.

If you have any questions, are interested in licensing my music or want me to write an original composition for your next project, just drop me a line!

uplifting funband - Crowander
atmosphears - Crowander
commercial 30 seconds - Crowander
my film music - Crowander
electronic instrumentals - Crowander
while you sleep - Crowander
night walk - Crowander
from the garage - Crowander
bittersweet endings - Crowander