Listen by moods

I basically reordered all my tunes into different playlists by moods. If you are searching for a specific mood for your video, the easiest thing to do is just choose one from the dropdown menu. There you can find 14 different moods to choose from. You can also check them out here (the titles and covers are clickable):

playful playlist - Crowander
funny, quirky playlist - Crowander
laid back playlist - Crowande
cool, groovy playlist - Crowande
energetic, passionate playlist - Crowande
powerful, confident playlist - Crowande
touching, uplifting playlist - Crowande
calm, peaceful playlist - Crowande
thoughtful playlist - Crowande
happy, fun, joyful playlist - Crowande
tense, dramatic playlist - Crowande
melancholic, sad playlist - Crowande
dark, otherworldy playlist - Crowande
atmospheric playlist - Crowande


Every tune in this playlist has some kind of playful element to it. It's mostly in the melody, played by a solo instrument, but can come from the bass or from a rhythmic element. 


It is a little similar to the Playful playlist, but these tunes go further in humorous, sometimes even grotesque elements. 

Laid back

There are a wide variety of tunes in this playlist from lofi hip-hop to reggie. The common ground is the laid back vibe in all of these tracks. 

Cool and Groovy

Many of these tracks have some kind of funk elements to them. Mixed with rock, blues, hip-hop etc. 

Energetic and Passionate

Imagine a sport event or a chasing scene in a film. These tracks can fit all these kind of scenarios. 

Powerful and Confident

Big moments, feelings of pride, fighting for something. You can find many tunes for all these and similar kinds of moments. 

Touching and Uplifting

Sweet and loving moments with friends, family, children. Great tunes for advertisements or any heartfelt videos. 

Calm and Peaceful

No big emotions, just chilled and peaceful vibes in many genres, from acoustic tunes to filmscores. 


If you need music to underline some wandering scene, like a walk in nature, watching the raindrops on the window, thinking back to memories, you are at the right playlist.

Happy, Fun and Joyful

This playlist contains the perfect music for joyful scenes. Great for all kinds of video content with a positive vibe.

Tense and Dramatic

Most of these tunes are like film scores. Starting from crime scenes, mystery, thriller, moving towards to more dramatic moments.


Many of these songs are atmospheric, but there are lots of electronic and modern jazz tunes as well.

Dark and Otherworldly

The most dark and sometimes even scary tracks. Many of them are experimental and atmospheric. 


Experimental pads, drones, electronic tunes are in a wide variety.