Music by Genres

Here you can find my albums, reordered by genres. If you are after for some specific type of music, you can choose from 9 main genres from the dropdown menu, or from here: 

Acousic Miniband 

blues, folk, country, reggie

acoustic instrumentals on acoustic guitar and ukulele

Sweet and Joyful 

film music, country, swing

light, acoustic instrumentals

big sounding, more traditional film music with strings

artistic and abstract compositions for indie  productions

Cinematic Minimals 

electronic ambient

short instrumentals for films with a dramatic edge


ambient soundscapes

experimental atmosphears

My Film Music 

atmospheric soundscapes

experimental, abstract instrumentals

Electric Guitar Experiments 

experimental music

exciting compositions recorded with only electric guitar

Electronic Minimals 

indie electronic

minimalist electronic compositions

Electronic Fragments 

breakbeat, chill hop, electro pop, electro swing

groovy, electronic instrumentals

Night Walk 

hip hop, neo soul, d&b, urban, lofi

groovy, laid back and cool instrumentals


abstract, trip hop, glitch

dark, electronic instrumentals 

MadTrash Disco 

hip-hop, d&b, breakbeat, disco, neo soul, indie pop

raw, electronic instrumentals

From the Garage 

indie, blues rock, funk rock, surf rock, funk, ska

funk rock instrumentals 

Guitar Music 

funk rock, blues rock, indie rock, funk

raw funk/indie rock

Uplifting Funband 

indie rock, pop rock, arena rock, punk rock

pop rock instrumentals

Bittersweet Endings 

indie pop, indie rock, indie folk/country

heartwarming indie instrumentals

While You Sleep 

modern jazz

Dreamy jazz tunes

From the Piano 

contemporary classical

solo piano pieces

From the Bass 

psychedelic, funk, funk rock, urban, afrobeat, jazzy

groovy, bass guitar oriented instrumentals


contemporary classical

solo piano tunes


modern jazz, minimal jazz

groovy, repetitive, jazzy tunes


film music

beautiful, relaxing tunes

Music of the World 

klezmer, balkan, american, gypsy, latin, afrobeat, etc.

world music a'la Crowander

short tunes for film and tv